COVID schooling pulled back the curtain and exposed the indoctrination of America’s children in Critical Race Theory. Now parents across the nation are fighting to return our public schools to their original mission: to teach our children reading, writing, and arithmetic, to pass on our cultural heritage and scientific knowledge, and to develop virtues necessary to preserve liberty and the Republic. As John Adams said:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

What is CRT?

When I first addressed Critical Theory on this blog, my knowledge was limited. As I continue to dig deeper into this philosophy, I have realized what a cancer it is to the body politic. So have others. Patriots now demand that this disease be cut away before it destroys the nation.

But what is Critical Theory (CT)? It is a scholarly study in which society is viewed through the lens of power and individuals divided into groups of oppressors and oppressed. Critical Race Theory, a subset of CT, views whites as the oppressors and non-whites the oppressed.

CRT, in the pure sense, is not taught in K-12 schools. Instead, most schools filter their instruction through the CRT philosophy and call it “antiracism” or “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI). This ideology also includes intersectionality, which ranks people groups by their level of oppression. In addition to race, sexual variations are also included. More identities a person can check off, the more oppressed they are. The more oppressed they are, the more valued is their lived experiences as truth.

Since the 1990s, teacher’s colleges have trained their students in this worldview. These, in turn, have applied this doctrinal framework to all the academic disciplines in public and private schools.

CRT in Washington State

In my home state, Washington, Governor Jay Inslee began the year by declaring Washington an antiracist state. This year’s legislative session (January to March 2021) passed several antiracist/equity education bills.

The grassroots organization, My Family My Choice, describes these education bills in this manner:

These bills will require schools to “dismantle racism.” From birth to college, educators and childcare providers will be trained to use an “equity lens” when teaching students. Under the disguise of social emotional learning and anti-bullying policies, children will be taught the concepts of certain races and people groups being oppressors and other groups the victims. Children will be taught segregation and division based on skin color and lifestyle choices.

These bills include:

  • ESSB 5044 Concerning Cultural Competency, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Definitions, Standards, and Training for School Board Members and School Staff—Requires the development and periodic review of standards on cultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion (CCDEI). (Equity and racism in K-12)
  • E2SSB 5194 Concerning Equity and Access in Higher Education—Requires community and technical colleges (CTCs) to develop diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic plans. (Racism in community colleges)
  • E2SSB 5227 Concerning Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Antiracism Training and Assessments at Higher Education Institutions—Requires public higher education institutions to provide diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism training for faculty, staff, and degree-seeking students. Requires the institutions to conduct diversity, equity, and inclusion campus climate assessments. (Racism in the state colleges/universities)
  • E2SSB 5237 Expanding Accessible, Affordable Child Care and Early Childhood Development Programs—Establishes a new account for child care and early learning purposes and includes a nonexhaustive list of spending goals and strategies. (Racism in daycares/preschools)
  • SSB 5228 Addressing Disproportionate Health Outcomes by Building a Foundation of Equity in Medical Training—Requires public medical schools to develop health equity curriculum for medical students. (Racism in medical schools)
  • ESSB 5229 Concerning Health Equity Continuing Education for Health Care Professionals—Requires disciplining authorities to adopt rules requiring health equity continuing education. (Racism for health care workers)
  • SHB 1356 Prohibiting the Inappropriate use of Native American Names, Symbols, or Images as Public School Mascots, Logos, or Team Names.

By 2023, all K-12 teachers must attend antiracist training to earn or renew their teaching certificates.

Numerous states have put forth bills to ban the teaching of CRT doctrines, and some have passed them into law. Many of these state legislatures modeled their bills after President Donald Trump’s executive order against the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the federal government.

On the other hand, leftist-ruled states have embraced this doctrine. They fail to recognize that promoting this worldview violates the First and Fourteenth Amendments and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Yet, a surge of grassroots groups is now pressuring their school boards and communities to reject this anti-American belief system.

Struggle on Whidbey Island

I live in the South Whidbey School District (about an hour’s drive north of Seattle), where many retired hippies live and the village of Langley reflects the values of Seattle.

But South Whidbey also supports a gun shop, a gun club, and six evangelical churches. It is also home for many veterans who once served at the Whidbey Island Naval Station at the island’s north end. Our community has become a microcosm of the cold civil war gripping the nation.

Last summer, a BLM banner was donated to the school district, and it has hung there for nearly a year despite complaints from the public. Also, last summer, a few conservatives met to unite like-minded people on the island to move our divided district more to the right. That group has grown to over two hundred.

Tired of the schools’ teaching the children comprehensive sex ed (which now is law in Washington) and CRT, around 150 of us held a protest on Friday, June 11. We also protested the school board’s refusal to give us redress on these issues.

The school board hides behind Zoom meetings. Citizens who wish to petition the board directors may only use the Q & A box, which has been limited to 125 characters. According to the Public Comments Guidelines, citizens can speak for up to five minutes on any issue. But the board has refused to meet in person, denying the community proper access to these elected officials.

For the protest, I prepared a flyer about CRT for any passersby who might have questions. We didn’t have an opportunity to distribute these. So, I’d like to make my handout available to all.

For More Information on CRT

Below I’ve listed some articles on CRT and about citizens fighting to restore America’s founding principles in their schools.