These resources expose Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) for what it is and how it harms children.

Stop CSE

About: “This website was created to warn parents and policy makers of the serious harms of explicit comprehensive sexuality education programs.”

This site contains numerous resources on CSE and addresses the problem worldwide. Many Western nations try to force developing countries to adopt these ideas, although they run counter to the cultural norms of several nations.

The site has educational pages, links to samples of curriculum, action points, two versions of a short informational film, and more.

The Reisman Institute

The Reisman Institute is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to educating the public about the dangers children face from the onslaught of explicit sexuality and sexual exploitation. The Institute seeks to empower the public to expose child sex abuse crimes and the scientifically fraudulent “data” that caused the Sexual Revolution, drastically changing culture, law, medicine, education es and other social institutions globally.”

Dr. Judith Reisman has researched and exposed the lies that perpetuate the sexual freedom myth behind comprehensive sexuality education. Instead of encouraging children to advocate for and act on their so-called sexual rights—the goals of CSE supporters, the Institute seeks to defend a “child’s right to a moral society.” Reisman has authored several books, many of which focus on Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey. She is a research professor of psychology at Liberty University.

Family Policy Institute of Washington

I forgot to include this one.

Southwest Washington Education

This conservative volunteer activist group “focus[es] on K-12 in Southwest Washington State and seek[s] to keep school boards and district administration honest and transparent.” They fight against Common Core and Comprehensive Sexuality Education. They fight for an education that prepares children for the real world, more vocational courses, the best possible teachers, and local control of the schools.

Last year (2019), their blog posted several articles on comprehensive sexuality education. On their category list, go to FLASH, the name of one of the CSE curricula, or use the link above. Also, see CSE, Gender, Health, Self Identity, and Sexuality.

Informed Parents of California

I’ve read about this organization in the news and have now looked them up. Informed Parents of California is a statewide organization fights against CSE being used in their schools. They encourage parents to speak up on Assembly bills related to sexual health education.

Some of their print materials are available in Spanish and Russian, and the website is available in multiple languages. The site also offers some instructional videos on the topic for those who prefer that medium. Some include Liberty University professor Dr. Judith Reisman. Scroll down for an excellent overview of CSE and its history.

Books by Mariam Grossman, M.D.

Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness in Her Profession Endangers Every Student. See my review here.

You’re Teaching My Child What? A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education and How They Harm Your Child (Regnery Publishing, 2009)

I read this book shortly after I read Unprotected. Being unfamiliar with CSE at the time, I was shocked at how long this pornography teaching has been in the schools. This book is over ten years old. Thus, a whole generation has been molded by this material. The goal of these curricula isn’t the birds and the bees but revolution.

What these “experts” are hiding is their goal of bringing about radical social change, one child at a time. Their mission is to mold each student into what is considered “a sexually healthy” adult—as if there was universal agreement on what that is. From a review of many of today’s sex ed curricula and websites, it would appear that a “sexually healthy” individual is one who has been “desensitized,” who is without any sense of embarrassment or shame (what some might consider “modesty”), whose sexuality is always “positive” and “open,” who respect and accepts “diverse” lifestyles, and who practices “safer sex” with every “partner.”
This is not about health, folks. This is about indoctrination.

Mariam Grossman, M.D., (p. 8)

This book demonstrates that the sex education industry is conning the American public.

The experts do not provide teens with all they need to know to make informed decisions, nor is their information medically accurate. They dismiss fundamentals of child development and omit critical findings of neurobiology, gynecology, and infectious disease. HIV information is distorted. The psychological distress associated with teen sex, especially when followed by a genital infection, is whitewashed.

The experts are wrong, and the parents are right.

Mariam Grossman M.D., (p. 12)

Dr. Grossman covers in detail these facts ignored by the “experts.”

  • That when individuals have sex, they bring with them all their previous partners to that union. All teens should see the diagram on page 32. It looks like a family tree, but it is a tree of sexual partners.
  • That boys and girls are different, their pheromones influence each other, and oxytocin “the cuddle hormone” promotes bonding.
  • That teens lack judgment skills.

“The normal adolescent brain is far from mature or operating at full adult capacity. The physiological structure of the adolescent brain is similar therefore to the manifestation of mental disability within an adult brain.”

Daniel Weinberger, MD, NIMH (cited on p. 74)
  • That a girl’s immature cervix has only one layer of cells to protect it from infection. Thus, she is more likely to contract an STD than if she waited until adulthood. This ignored fact has been known since at least 1989.
  • That condoms don’t offer much protection against STDs.

“Each sexually transmitted disease is a disaster in the life of an individual. We must educate [students] to the dangers and to steps they need to take to have full and productive lives and not spend their lives in a physician’s office.”

Dr. Ruth Jacobs, an infectious disease specialist, written in a letter to a local newspaper (cited on p. 87).
  • That anal sex is dangerous. The gastrointestinal system is designed for absorption, and as such more likely to absorb STDs.
  • That female fertility has a limit. Most successful women are childless; not by choice but because they waited too long to be a mother.
  • That homosexuals and female bisexuals have a higher risk of disease and mental health issues than the rest of the population.
  • That encouraging the questioning of one’s identity makes students more likely to try a nontraditional identity and reap negative consequences.

Dr. Grossman often points out that the real problem with CSE is its worldview.

But how can educators recognize these truths, when doing so would bring down their house of cards? Their worldview is based on rejecting moral restrictions and struggles. Their aim is to replace the no’s with yes’s…How can they, heirs to [Dr. Alfred C.] Kinsey’s model of sexuality, and after decades of crusading for the expansion of sexual expression, admit that for some people, the exact opposite is best?

Mariam Grossman, M.D., (p. 156)

In closing, the author encourages parents to value their child’s innocence and be an authoritative but warm and supportive parent. They should explain that sexuality is an appetite, not a recreational activity. Like all appetites, it is only good when it is restrained.

Ignoring these biological truths has done more than cause soaring rates of distress and disease: our youth cannot appreciate or experience the depth and power of genuine intimacy. They may understand the plumbing, but they do not grasp the big picture—sexuality is like fire. Depending on the circumstances, fire can sustain or destroy. Therefore, you don’t play with it.

Mariam Grossman, M.D. (p. 186)