During my five decades, I’ve watched our constitutional republic, the United States, slip further and further out of the hands of “we the people.”  Governance throughout time has been a monarchy or a dictatorship. It is the natural form of government of man.

A republic, on the other hand, is an unnatural, supernatural type of government. As such, it cannot be sustained without effort. Like an athlete who must continually exercise his body to keep it in top condition, citizens of a republic must continually inform themselves about the issues of the day and maintain a close watch on its leaders to prevent the republic from devolving into tyranny.

man jumping above gray concrete surface under blue sky at daytime

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Today, many American citizens are civically out of shape.

Americans have been lulled into lethargy by prosperity, lack of civic education in the schools, and “freebies” offered by the Left.

This crucial election of 2018 demands that the voters educate themselves and wisely chose their next leaders. Shall we return to the rule of law of our Constitution or relax and dissolve into a socialist dictatorship like Venezuela?

William J. Federer uses his AmericanMinute.com blog to remind us of our Founding Father’s original intent and the need of citizens to work to preserve our liberties.

Daniel Webster stated:
“Miracles do not cluster. That which has happened but once in six thousand years, cannot be expected to happen often …
Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution of your country and the government established under it …
Such a government, once destroyed, would have a void to be filled, perhaps for centuries, with evolution and tumult, riot and despotism.”
U.S. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge stated in 1919:
“The United States is THE WORLD’S BEST HOPE …
Beware how you trifle with your marvelous inheritance … for if we stumble & fall, freedom and civilization everywhere will go down in ruin.”