Who Owns the Children?

Overreaching their educational mandate, government schools are usurping parental rights by operating under the premise that children are autonomous creatures of the state. As such, the children come under the caretaking of the state. This care includes training children in a belief system that runs contrary to what many parents teach at home. Notably, the government school worldview collides with the biblical worldview.

How to Help Your Kids Confront Cultural Lies, part 4

Teaching your children how to defend the gospel is as important as instructing them in the faith. Not only for when they are confronted by others, but also to defend it to themselves when doubts creep into their minds.

How to Help Your Kids Confront Cultural Lies, part 3

Christian parents, what are you doing to help your school children navigate through post-truth environment of public school? Before your children can learn to identify the cultural lies that frequently bombard us, they first must learn the truth. For this, you need a game plan with a good offense and defense.

How to Help Your Kids Confront Cultural Lies, part 2

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com This is the second of a multi-part series. Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 Last week, I asked whether children raised in Christian families were prepared to deal with the worldview conflict they will encounter in the public schools. I explained that secular worldviews can lead children away … Continue reading How to Help Your Kids Confront Cultural Lies, part 2

How to Help Your Kids Confront Cultural Lies, part 1

Are your children genuinely prepared to deal with everything that happens behind the school doors? Christian parents must equip their children with a biblical worldview.

Reading About the Great Conversation

In preparation for teaching 12th-grade literature to Nate (and some to Sombai), I’ve been reviewing my collection of books on the Great Books of Western Civilization. This process has reacquainted me with the thoughts and discussions of my college days as an English major. This reunion with literature and analytical thought brings me joy as … Continue reading Reading About the Great Conversation

For the Love of Language: Punctuation

A mini review on a punctuation reference resource.

Book Review: English and American Lit.

I picked up this book several years ago when my husband and I were collecting books from the Politically Incorrect Guide series. Having been an English major, this title, The Politically Incorrect Guide to English and American Literature, particularly intrigued me. But this volume from 2006 became lost on the shelves and was rediscovered as … Continue reading Book Review: English and American Lit.