How to Help Your Kids Confront Cultural Lies, part 3

Christian parents, what are you doing to help your school children navigate through post-truth environment of public school? Before your children can learn to identify the cultural lies that frequently bombard us, they first must learn the truth. For this, you need a game plan with a good offense and defense.

How to Help Your Kids Confront Cultural Lies, part 2

Photo by Pixabay on This is the second of a multi-part series. Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 Last week, I asked whether children raised in Christian families were prepared to deal with the worldview conflict they will encounter in the public schools. I explained that secular worldviews can lead children away … Continue reading How to Help Your Kids Confront Cultural Lies, part 2

How to Help Your Kids Confront Cultural Lies, part 1

Are your children genuinely prepared to deal with everything that happens behind the school doors? Christian parents must equip their children with a biblical worldview.

Book Review: The Beauty of Intolerance

The purpose of this book: "...we believe it is possible to love and accept people with whom we significantly disagree. This is the path Jesus took. And it is the one we are called to today—even if such an approach is increasingly considered intolerant.

Mentally Ill, Radical, or Evil?

Photo by Andreas Wohlfahrt on In late July and early August, our nation experienced three mass shootings. The initial shock, horror, and grief quickly gave way to anger and the demand for answers: Why do people do this? How can we stop it from happening again? First, I’ll review the typical answers. Next, I … Continue reading Mentally Ill, Radical, or Evil?

Religious Tolerance and the Religion of Tolerance

In recent decades, however, religious liberty has been under attack. America, once the safe haven for various religious groups and the champion of religious liberty, is now being overrun by the Religion of Tolerance, which seeks cultural dominance through political power.

Book Review: Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side

To help parents prepare their children to thrive in a culture that is hostile towards Christianity, Natasha Crain wrote Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side: 40. conversations to help them build a lasting faith. This book works as a an excellent introduction to apologetics and as a guide how to raise children to know why they believe what they believe.

Revised Definition of Tolerance

Tolerance was once used for ordinary topics. Now it has become a powerful buzz word and a significant part of a worldview that has permeated American society.

What Has Happened to American Culture?

While discussing current events at dinner, my 20-year-old son slapped his hand against his forehead. “I just don’t get how that politician thinks that way,” he exclaims after hearing about her most recent comment reported by the news media. Looking at how our culture's values and worldview have morphed through my lifetime of 52 years, … Continue reading What Has Happened to American Culture?

Bibliophile Notes

Three articles from homeschooling magazine/catalog from Memoria Press that address lovers of books.