Three Lies Your Kids Will Face in an Unchristian World

Three Lies Your Kids Will Face in an UnChristian World Webinar

Proud to Be an American

People ought to be proud of their nation simply because it is their nation. It’s like having school spirit or rooting for your home sports team. Win or lose, you stick by them. Regardless of protesters’ Critical Theory opinions, America is not oppressive. Everyone is equal before the law. America has its faults. Nevertheless, I believe the good weighs out the bad.

Liberty or Tyranny? Will BLM Overthrow the Republic?

What worldview will prevail in the United States? Law and order based on Judeo-Christian values or Marxist tyranny?

Who Owns the Children?

Overreaching their educational mandate, government schools are usurping parental rights by operating under the premise that children are autonomous creatures of the state. As such, the children come under the caretaking of the state. This care includes training children in a belief system that runs contrary to what many parents teach at home. Notably, the government school worldview collides with the biblical worldview.

Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids

It can be easy to stumble on pornography on the internet. Protect young children by teaching them what to do when they see it with these books.

Firm Footing for the COVID-19 Storm

The proverbial rug has been pulled out from under our nation—and the world. The pandemic has knocked us off balance. Undeniably, what lies beneath the rug will determine whether one stands or falls. On what foundation have you built your life? Will it endure this crisis?

Book Review: A Recipe for Disaster

This apologetics book takes a different direction than most. Instead of merely providing discipleship methods, this author explains how churches and families unintentionally cause some to lose their faith. He closes the book with ideas on how parents and the church can disciple individuals so they develop an enduring faith.

COVID19 Creates Time for Family Bible Study

Don't let this abnormal time of being home as a whole family be wasted by everyone doing their own thing. Call the family together each day to read the Bible. Discuss a passage's meaning, what it says about God, and what you can do to live more like Christ.

Students’ Religious Freedom in Public Schools

Not only should your children be wary of being taken captive by worldly thinking, but they also should know they are allowed to express their biblical worldview in their public school.

Marriage: God’s Design for Human Flourishing

A large body of social science shows that by following God’s prescription for sex, marriage, and family, we experience human flourishing. Married couples generally tend to be more financially secure, experience less stress, and live longer.