Revised Definition of Tolerance

Tolerance was once used for ordinary topics. Now it has become a powerful buzz word and a significant part of a worldview that has permeated American society.

What Has Happened to American Culture?

While discussing current events at dinner, my 20-year-old son slapped his hand against his forehead. “I just don’t get how that politician thinks that way,” he exclaims after hearing about her most recent comment reported by the news media. Looking at how our culture's values and worldview have morphed through my lifetime of 52 years, … Continue reading What Has Happened to American Culture?

Bibliophile Notes

Three articles from homeschooling magazine/catalog from Memoria Press that address lovers of books.

Annotated Table of Contents for Unprotected, part 2

Title: Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness in Her Profession Endangers Every StudentAuthor: Mariam Grossman, M.D.Publisher: Sentinel, 2007. ISBN 978-1-59-523045-4 Two weeks ago, I published a review of the book, Unprotected, and last week published the first half of a chapter by chapter summary. Here is the second half of the chapter summaries. … Continue reading Annotated Table of Contents for Unprotected, part 2

Annotated Table of Contents for Unprotected, part 1

A chapter by chapter summary of Dr. Mariam Grossman's book Unprotected.

Book Review: Unprotected

Dr. Mariam Grossman exposes the dangers of stepping outside God’s design in her book, Unprotected. Although she is an orthodox Jew, she doesn’t preach from Leviticus. Her scientific and anecdotal evidence alone reveals how “safer” sex harms college students physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

Dusty Pages or Divine Word? Part 5

Transformed Lives: God’s word has changed the lives of millions throughout the centuries.

Dusty Pages or Divine Word? Part 4

Many archaeological discoveries have corroborated biblical people, places, events, and customs.

What Is the Meaning of Easter?

Each spring at community parks or on church grounds, many American families gather to watch children search for plastic eggs. Parents often fill baskets with chocolate bunnies and jelly beans to greet their children on Easter morning. Church worship services overflow when half of the American population attends on Easter, often doubling regular attendance. Many … Continue reading What Is the Meaning of Easter?

Letter to the North American Church

The liberal American churches no longer follow Christ and have embraced worldly ideas because they refuse to call sexual immorality sin.