Homeschool Resources

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Some of the articles on this blog will interest homeschoolers, but if you are interested in how-to’s, curriculum reviews, encouragement, and issues in education, see my posts at Academy Northwest, a hybrid private school/homeschool program in Washington state.


Homeschool Road Map: part 1, part 2, part 3

Personalize Your History Lessons

Homeschooling Beyond the 3Rs—Training in Worldview

Making History Memorable

Social Issues

Fielding Homeschool Objections from Relatives

Bullying: Even Homeschoolers are not Immune

Pros and Cons of Homeschool Co-ops


Review: Spell to Write and Read

Summer Reading: Missionary Biographies

Beat the Doldrums with a Game


When the Curriculum Makes You Cry

Mom’s Time Out

One Student’s Experience at ANW (with learning challenges)

Issues in Education

Blaine Amendment and the Battle for School Choice

Hybrid Homeschooling

COVID Schooling Isn’t Homeschooling

Why Teach History?

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