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God's Word: foundational for life, culture, and government


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Welcome to my blog, where I seek to open a dialogue with my readers as I discuss faith, culture, and governing from a biblical point of view.

The purpose of this blog is expressed in my tag line: “God’s Word: Foundational for life, culture, and government.” I want to show that our individual lives, our culture, and our government operate best when each of these spheres is undergirded by the biblical worldview.

As a passionate follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. (See my personal testimony page.) I want people to know the Truth (reality as God sees it) and to see today’s issues through a biblical lens

  • to encourage believers in their faith journey and
  • to encourage skeptics to consider the claims of the Bible.

I see myself as the road-side flagger who warns my fellow Americans that by leaving our culture’s Judeo-Christian heritage, they are heading toward destruction both personally and as a nation.

Finally, I want to offer the hope of the gospel to everyone who will listen and especially to those hurting in this world.

“The heart of the righteous ponders how to answer.
But the mouth of the wicked pours out evil things.”
—Proverbs 15:28

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