To Form a More Perfect Union

Will Americans hold fast to the traditional philosophy, culture, and view of history that has kept us united for over two centuries and made us the most prosperous and generous nation on the earth? Or will Americans follow the lure of the freebies offered by the Radical Left who hate liberty, lie about our culture and history, and want to suppress the citizenry with a socialist state in which everyone is equal—equality poor and miserable—and ruled by the elite class?

The Christian Responsibility to Vote

"Christians are called to honor God in every area of their lives. Therefore, we should seek to submit everything to the Lord, including our political engagement"

A Tale of Two Parties

The Tale of Two Parties: we have a choice between the party of death, restrictions, and thugs, or the party of life, liberty, and the rule of law this November.

Proud to Be an American

People ought to be proud of their nation simply because it is their nation. It’s like having school spirit or rooting for your home sports team. Win or lose, you stick by them. Regardless of protesters’ Critical Theory opinions, America is not oppressive. Everyone is equal before the law. America has its faults. Nevertheless, I believe the good weighs out the bad.

Liberty or Tyranny? Will BLM Overthrow the Republic?

What worldview will prevail in the United States? Law and order based on Judeo-Christian values or Marxist tyranny?

Vote Again with 2nd Vote

Direct your money towards businesses that don't support leftist causes and candidates. Vote with your shopping habits.

Religious Tolerance and the Religion of Tolerance

In recent decades, however, religious liberty has been under attack. America, once the safe haven for various religious groups and the champion of religious liberty, is now being overrun by the Religion of Tolerance, which seeks cultural dominance through political power.

George Washington: Faith and Government

George Washington stated that the Christian religion was necessary for a nation to remain free.

Vote for Constitutionalists

The Left complains about President Trump’s character qualities, oscillating between calling him incompetent to being a dictator. Because of his coarse character and his waffling political past, I didn’t vote for him. However, I do find the behavior of those on the Left even worse. The Left frequently bullies those who disagree with their worldview. … Continue reading Vote for Constitutionalists

Keep the Republic

During my five decades, I've watched our constitutional republic, the United States, slip further and further out of the hands of "we the people."  Governance throughout time has been a monarchy or a dictatorship. It is the natural form of government of man. A republic, on the other hand, is an unnatural, supernatural type of … Continue reading Keep the Republic