To Form a More Perfect Union

Will Americans hold fast to the traditional philosophy, culture, and view of history that has kept us united for over two centuries and made us the most prosperous and generous nation on the earth? Or will Americans follow the lure of the freebies offered by the Radical Left who hate liberty, lie about our culture and history, and want to suppress the citizenry with a socialist state in which everyone is equal—equality poor and miserable—and ruled by the elite class?

Worldview Sets at Age 13

Christians need to understand that just because they go to church, their children won’t automatically become pro-life, pro-family or pro-liberty. “Only 19% of church-going, born-again Christians have a biblical worldview.”

The Importance of Knowing Worldviews

We need to keep working out our faith to determine whether we have aligned our lives to the gospel of Jesus and not be swayed by false doctrines adopted by the culture.

The Christian Responsibility to Vote

"Christians are called to honor God in every area of their lives. Therefore, we should seek to submit everything to the Lord, including our political engagement"

A Tale of Two Parties

The Tale of Two Parties: we have a choice between the party of death, restrictions, and thugs, or the party of life, liberty, and the rule of law this November.

Pandemic Pod Schools

With most schools only offering distance learning, parents are searching for new educational choices. One idea is forming a learning pod.

Fight Oppression Like Jesus

Currently, Americans have reached a crossroads over what worldview will dominate our culture: the Judeo-Christian worldview on which our country was founded, or a secular worldview, particularly the Critical Theory worldview, that pits various groups against each other.

Homeschool 101

I've created a Homeschool 101 map that will guide you through the decision process whether to homeschool, teach you how to research your homeschool options, and provide you guidance on how to select the right curriculum for your family.

Three Lies Your Kids Will Face in an Unchristian World

Three Lies Your Kids Will Face in an UnChristian World Webinar

Proud to Be an American

People ought to be proud of their nation simply because it is their nation. It’s like having school spirit or rooting for your home sports team. Win or lose, you stick by them. Regardless of protesters’ Critical Theory opinions, America is not oppressive. Everyone is equal before the law. America has its faults. Nevertheless, I believe the good weighs out the bad.