I’ve been MIA from this blog because I’ve been mentally bogged down with COVID news. Not only by the news of the disease and the gene therapy injection but also the political tyranny this “crisis” has spawned.

I’ve struggled over whether or not to write about COVID. So many contradicting ideas. I tend to believe what the dissident doctors and scientists say because they are risking their livelihoods, reputations, and even threats of physical harm to speak against the narrative promoted by the cultural elites.

Meanwhile, Fauci et al. appear to be gaining a fortune in perpetuating the pandemic narrative.

Here’s a sample of my reading, listening, and viewing resources.

I learned about these sources mainly through friends on a local social media site. Friends and family members send me articles or videos, too. At first, I wasn’t sure about some of the information. However, more and more statist progressives are spilling the beans about what really is happening.

For instance, last week, the New York Times admitted that the CDC has only released a tiny fraction of the data it has collected regarding the COVID injections. What are they hiding?

Last spring, CNN admitted it “hyped” the COVID death toll to increase ratings (and I would add, to scare people). That ploy didn’t work. For many months, its ratings have plummeted.

Several healthcare whistleblowers have come forward to expose what hospitals are hiding from the public.

Italy recorded a high number of COVID deaths. Now, Italy’s Higher Institute of Health has corrected those numbers, changing them from 132,161 deaths to 3,783—attributing 97 percent of those deaths to other causes.

Even our CDC has changed its method of counting COVID deaths over the past two years, and it has admitted that many listed as COVID deaths had multiple morbidities. These people only died with COVID, not by COVID.

The sharing of certain information that got people de-platformed last year is now being published by the legacy media as fact this year. Hmmm.

Dear Reader, are you still relying on the mainstream media for your news and information? Please consider reading and viewing some alternative media to get a balanced view of what is happening in the US and worldwide. See my Conservative News and Commentary page to get you started.

Disclaimer: I don’t necessarily agree with everything on a given site. Use reason and spiritual discernment as you consume various sources of information.

“A truthful witness saves lives,
But he who utters lies is treacherous.”

Proverb 14:25 NASB1995

“Buy truth, and do not sell it,
Get wisdom and instruction and understanding.”

Proverb 23:23 NASB1995