It’s been a few years since I’ve updated my Conservative News Resources Page. In the age of COVID, I’ve discovered many new news sources.

It’s important to read from many points of view and be aware that the traditional news outlets, aka legacy media or mainstream media (MSM), tend to all follow the same playbook and suppress anything positive about conservatives or stories that counteract their narrative.

Both the Left and Right create echo chambers. Seek independent thinkers who don’t always go with either crowd. I’m as guilty as the next person to believe an author without always verifying the facts. With grace, keep me accountable it the comments.

At the same time, remember that a piece of evidence can be seen from different points of view.

For instance, two anthropologists can look at the same skeleton and come to two separate conclusions. The evolutionist will see an ape-man that fits his evolutionary worldview.

The creationist will see a human or an ape depending on certain factors that the skeleton presents. He will view artifacts from a biblical worldview that states man didn’t evolve but was created fully human at the beginning.