Over the past two years, I’ve researched sex education in the public schools and then Critical Race Theory. I’ve gathered signatures to change Washington state’s sex-ed laws and contacted my representatives in the legislature.

For the past year, I’ve followed my local school board with its four woke members and one lone conservative. I joined a group of local citizens to lobby for change in curriculum and school policies.

I’ve concluded that the best course of action is for all conservative parents to pull their children out of the public schools. The Left’s hold on the education system is too strong and too deep to reform. Time to jump ship.

Reasons to pull your kids out of the government schools.

  1. Poor Academics: For decades, news pieces have announced that students perform poorly on standardized tests. The US stands in the middle of the pack when compared to other nations.
  2. Lack of Safety: Despite all the anti-bullying programs, bullying continues.
  3. Pornographic Sex Ed: Comprehensive Sexuality Education is taught in many states. These curricula go beyond teaching the birds and the bees. They teach children how to seek sexual pleasure. Watch a few Amaze videos to see what middle schoolers are exposed to.
  4. LGBTQ Ideology: schools of education have been training future teachers “that ‘inclusivity’ in education requires teachers and administrators to stamp out ‘heteronormativity’ and ‘cisnormativity’ in their schools.”i Pro-LGBTQ teachers recruit children to join the deviant lifestyle—and it’s working. In the past, only two percent of the American adult population identified as LGBTQ. In 2020, the number reached an all-time high of 5.6 percent, and 15.9 percent of young adults, ages 18 to 23, identify as nonheterosexual. About 9.5 percent of teens consider themselves LGBTQ.
  5. The Cult of Transgenderism: The “Genderbread Person” and now the “Gender Unicorn” explain to young school children that their bodies and minds may not match. These learning tools instruct students in the concepts of gender identity, gender expression, sexual attraction, romantic attraction, and “sex assigned at birth.” Students fill out worksheets to demonstrate their understanding and to identify where they land on the spectrum. Such teaching encourages gender dysphoria and leads children to do permanent damage to their bodies.
  6. Hostility Towards Religion: The Christian foundation of the US history and government has been erased. Science is declared as the only source of truth, or truth is relative to one’s experience. Students of faith are shamed or attacked in the classroom. Thus, 35 percent of Generation Z, today’s teens, identify as atheists, agnostics, or nones (Barna Group, 2018).
  7. Social Activism has Replaced Patriotism: Rejection of Western Civilization began in the universities in the 1960s. Today, children are taught to hate America and embrace globalism. In social studies classes, students discuss the conflicts between oppressor and oppressed groups, identity politics, and environmentalism. Being a good citizen means being an activist.
  8. Loss of Parental Rights: The government schools want to replace the family by meeting the child’s needs. They provide free meals, health care, a listening ear, and connections to community social services. All this without parental notification in Washington and some other states.
  • School Secrets: In some states, such as Washington, parents can’t be told that their child has transitioned unless the student gives the school permission to do so. Johnny gets on the bus, but when he arrives at school, he is now Sally.
  • School Health Care: In Washington state, once a child is 13, his parents have no say in his health care. A child can receive sexual health care at any age without the parents’ knowledge. This includes abortions and cross-sex hormones.
  • Digging for Sensitive Information: Some schools survey the youth and ask about living situations, family beliefs, sexual behavior, and drug use.
  1. Religious Training in Critical Race Theory: Students are being taught that there is only one way to see the world, and that is through the lens of race and gender identity. Anyone who disagrees must be reprimanded or even canceled. White children are taught to hate themselves and to walk on eggshells around nonwhites in fear of committing microaggressions.
  2. Psychological Control with SEL: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) dominates discussions at my local school board. Teachers function as lay therapists who analyze students for possible emotional, relational, or mental problems. Instruction is based on feelings, not truth, and “[p]rogressive social norms become their [students’] moral authority.”ii


The deck is stacked against children in public schools. Even if all communities elected conservative school boards this year, the change wouldn’t happen fast enough for those currently enrolled. It took decades for the prevalent worldview to become entrenched. It will take decades to return to a traditional Judeo-Christian worldview if it is possible at all.

Moreover, the colleges continue to roll out teachers who have been trained in the toxic philosophies that have transformed our schools from halls of learning to woke madrasas. Even if some returned to traditional pedagogy, the teachers’ unions wouldn’t let schools fire tenured teachers.

Opting out of sex ed or another curriculum won’t remove your child from the toxic school culture. The courts rarely support parental rights. The public schools are beyond reform. It’s time to abandon ship.

Homeschool your children.

Many privates schools, even Christian ones, have also bought into the social activist worldview. If you chose a private school, carefully vet the campus culture and the curriculum they use.

Conservative church and community leaders need to support parents to use alternative educational options: homeschooling, hybrid schools, homeschool co-ops, and online schools. This could mean providing scholarships or free childcare for working parents.

The free daycare provided by public schools isn’t worth the loss of your child’s mind and soul. Get out now!

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