Ah, the smell and sight of old books!

In addition to discussions about worldviews and culture, I simply love books.

Today, I finished reading a homeschooling magazine/catalog from Memoria Press. Its articles followed the theme of books. Here are a few I enjoyed.

Going to the Library by Dr. Carol Reynold
The author reminisces the joys of researching for her graduate studies in the 1970s before the digital age. Those of us who can remember card catalogs, flipping through tomes, and carefully writing notes on 3×5 cards will appreciate this piece.

The Thing About Books by Steve Ayers
The author tells of his joys of collecting quality editions of C. S. Lewis’s and G.K. Chesterton’s books, among others. He also defends the value of collecting books.

Why Read Literature? by David M. Wright
The author lists six reasons why reading literature benefits all.