The Declaration of Independence speaks of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as essential freedoms. I believe the Founding Fathers believed in protecting life from conception to natural death. Therefore, we Americans, their political descendants and heirs, should also recognize the sanctity of all human life and defend it as the first freedom. Without life, a person cannot enjoy any freedoms.

Here’s a list of some pro-life podcasts from one of my favorite radio shows, “Relationship Insights” sponsored by The Legacy Institute.

Save the Storks  In this May 18, 2018, broadcast, host Carrie Abbott interviews Victoria Robinson of Save the Storks ministry. Robinson shares her personal experience of why she felt she needed to have an abortion, how God changed her life, and how she now helps other women with crisis pregnancies through the Save the Stork mobile ministry. This crisis pregnancy center housed on a bus offers counseling, ultrasounds, and other support services for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. This broadcast is gentle towards those who are post-abortive.

Reversing Abortion  This broadcast from April 25, 2018, explains how the abortion pill works and how it’s now not too late for a pregnant woman to change her mind if she’s only taken the first pill in the two-pill protocol. If she reaches medical help on time, she can reverse the abortion process.

She Survived an Abortion  In this January 19, 2018, interview, Gianna Jessen tells her incredible story of how she survived being aborted and how she later became involved with the pro-life moment.

Deadly Pills  On November 8, 2016, Carrie Abbott discusses with Dr. Donna Harrison of AAPLOG the dangers of abortion pills (Ru486).

Men and Abortion  On June 16, 2017, Carrie Abbott speaks with Brad Mattes about research on men who have been involved with an abortion. They, too, suffer from the emotional effects of losing a child, and Mattes explains how men can receive healing from this traumatic life event.