Conservative News Sources

Last month a friend at church commented how she was so fed up with news sources such as CNN and how she wished there were some conservative news sources. I informed her that they do exist.

A few days later I compiled a list of sources for her. Then I thought the list might be helpful to others. So, here it is.

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For all of these, I subscribe to an email list announcing the latest additions.
  • The Stream at This digital Christian news magazine offers commentary on current events, cultural issues, and Christian life articles. Some of the authors also have their own blogs or ministries.
  • Todd Starnes’s blog at He’s with Fox News.
  • “The Thinking Christian” by blogger and apologist Tom Gilson at This mostly covers apologetics but touches on culture as well. He also writes for The Stream.
  • It’s not Christian, and I don’t agree with everything the presenters say, but this politically conservative site offers five-minute videos on various political and social topics. Watching these videos is a quick way to get introduced to a subject. Google dislikes them so much that they pulled many of their videos off YouTube but can be found on the website.


  • “Relationship Insights” with Carrie Abbott of The Legacy Institute. This 30-minute show airs on KCIS 630 AM, but I use the phone app to listen to the podcasts. You can also go to or for the archives. Broadcasting from the Seattle area, Carrie covers various cultural and political topics with a focus on biblical relationships. Most of her shows are interviews of authors or ministry leaders. I found out about The Stream through her.
  • Ravi Zacharias, theologian and apologist, has an app to access his material as well, or you can go directly to his ministry website, Although he’s an apologist, his messages are helpful in understanding our culture and how to engage it for the gospel.
  • I also listen to conservative talk radio such as KTTH. Most aren’t Christian, and some of the hosts are rather snarky, but I glean some information and commentary about what is happening in politics today while driving around.

Print Magazines

  • Focus on the Family’s Citizen magazine. We’ve had a subscription for over 20 years.
  • Christianity Today. It sometimes covers political or cultural issues.
  • AMAC Advantage published by the Association of Mature American Citizens, the secular conservative version of AARP.
  • Imprimis, a free publication by Hillsdale College. Each issue contains solid conservative articles based on speeches given at the college. Hillsdale doesn’t accept any government funds. They also offer some free, online courses (not for credit) on topics such as the Constitution. I’ve been wanting to do that one, but I haven’t had the time.
  • Decision Magazine by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (free) also publishes some political pieces.


  • Focus on the Family addresses pro-life issues and cultural issues that affect families.
  • Family Research Council makes a stand for religious freedom at the national level.
  • Judicial Watch isn’t Christian, but it fights corruption in the government on both sides of the aisle.
Obviously, I’m a Christian news junky. I enjoy reading about culture and politics from a Christian worldview and also try to write that way. I read many books as on these topics as well.

4 thoughts on “Conservative News Sources

  1. I’m glad you found this post helpful. It’s nearly two years old and I ought to update it.

    Focus on the Family discontinued printing Citizen magazine earlier this year and now only offers the Daily Citizen online or via social media. I set their Facebook posts to be on the top of my feed so I can see what’s going on each day.

    I’ve also have found other sources since this was written as well.

    What type of information are you looking for on this issue?


  2. Lorinda:

    Great job on your blog; it’s lovely and provocative (in the best ways).

    I can add a recommendation for another conservative, Christian, pro-Constitution legal organization: The American Center for Law and Justice, the ACLJ, headed by Jay Sekulow, who is a messianic Jew. I believe he is also one of the President’s attorneys. This organization is another answer to the leftist ACLU and we have been members for many years and contribute as often as possible. Their posts and information daily concern pro-life issues, national issues, legal and Constitutional issues, and timely information on missions and the persecuted Church around the world.

    Check them out and consider adding them to your excellent list.

    May all of you Newtons enjoy a blessed Christmas and wonderful 2020,

    Sarah Gunning Moser
    Lighthouse for Literacy, LLC
    Long Beach, Washington


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