A common question put to writers is: “Why do you write?” I write because I often have too many ideas in my head, and by writing, I am able to better process my thoughts.

I have been writing since I was in second grade. When my teacher took my toy turtle away, I wrote a story about it as a way to process my frustration. In junior high, I wrote sci-fi/fantasy stories that reflected novels I read. Since third grade, I’ve kept diaries and journals of various kinds. I enjoyed my English classes and majored in English with a literature emphasis at Whitworth College (now a university).

A few years after college, I began to freelance for Christian magazines, edit the Northwest Christian Author (the publication of the Northwest Christian Writers Association) for nine years, and occasionally write editorial letters to the Seattle Times.

With the birth of my son in 1998 and beginning homeschooling in 2004, I took a hiatus from professional writing. Now I feel called by God to return to writing for publication again. I enjoy reflecting on ideas I’ve read, either from the Bible, other people’s writings, or the news, and I want to share these thoughts with others.

The purpose of this blog is expressed in my tag line: “on Faith and Culture with Truth and Hope.”

  • I’m passionate about my faith as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. (See my personal testimony page.) I want people to know the Truth and to encourage believers in their faith journey.
  • I’m passionate about reversing the decay of American culture, which has drifted away from its Judeo-Christian heritage. (2 Chronicles 7:14)
  • I’m passionate about Truth and the freedom, both spiritually and politically, that it brings.
    • Jesus said, “and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 3:32).
    • I believe in the original intent of the American Founding Fathers.
  • Finally, I want to offer the hope of the gospel. I don’t want to be the Bible thumper I was as a teen. I want to discuss the issues of the day in light of a biblical worldview with civility, and I want to offer hope for those hurting in this world.